Mission Statement


Powwow Eco Arts aims to raise awareness of environmental issues and education for sustainability through a broad range of cross art forms. We have a strong focus on the senses, creating inspiring and innovative spaces and surroundings.



•  To raise awareness of environmental issues through art, particularly in urban areas
•  To promote collaborative creativity between the arts, environmental and community sectors
•  To promote sustainable living


  • Networking through conferences, especially Green Architectural Conferences; the Eco-Art Directory and partnership working
  • Promoting and using innovative means of green construction
  • Facilitating public art
  • Creating environmental education opportunities
  • Create the build as an exemplar and physical focus
  • Learn and use practical skills and pass learning on to others
  • Create an inclusive and democratic community

"Sustainability is about meeting the needs of the present without creating difficulties in the future for our children and their children. Sustainability is an all- encompassing concept that promotes respect, understanding, co-operation, and equality. Sustainable development is about creating employment and solving social problems in a way that improves our local communities and conserves and enhances our global environment".



Special thanks to the following sponsors for helping fund our local community projects in residential areas throughout the UK.

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